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Hope Hewkins l HoM by BlUE-Cl0UD Hope Hewkins l HoM by BlUE-Cl0UD

Hope Hewkins l HoM by BlUE-Cl0UD

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Name: Hope Hewkins
Gender: Female
Age: 13

House: Faerie
Rank: Scout
Level:  1


{ Talkative - Smart - Great sense of humor - Moody - timid - Inconsistent }

*Designing things
*Creating things from scratch
*Fairy tales
*Boring people
*Serious people
*Sour candy
*Annoying sounds
*Bad endings
*School lunch

Hope was born into a small family. She had two parents and one older sister. Her life was regular. She had friends, and was doing good in school. But, when she was 10 her parents started fighting more than usual. It bothered her a lot and hated it. A few months later her parents divorced. She hated that. She hated how mean they became after they divorced. She always questioned why'd they get married if they just divorce after that? She thought adults were stupid and so was love. 

 three years later, in her dad's backyard, a girl came up to her. She asked her for her name. She answered, "Hope Hewkins". She was confused why she would randomly come up to her. She told her she saw something "special" in her and took her to the house of Faerie. After being explained what this place exactly was, she instantly accepted. She chose an old flag as her token, for it was in the color of her favorite color. It took a few minutes for her to meet her spirit, but she finally did. 

She was the most beautiful thing she had even seen, her dress made out of rose petals and a flower crown placed on her head. She had pink eyes and huge wings with faerie dust all over. She had a sweet, delicate voice that would calm everyone. Her hair was a beautiful strawberry blond at first, but she instantly changed it to match Hope's. Naming her spirt wasn't hard, for she chose the name, Destiny. Her new spirit accepted the name. And she loved her spirit. 


Elemental Ability
Air manipulation: 
Destiny can only create strong winds and make natural winds either stronger or weaker. She cannot do this for long, because she is a low level.
Weapon / Fighting style
Pinwheel: This may look like a useless weapon, and makes enemies think they have an advantage, but it is strong. When Destiny makes winds, it will fly with the wind and give a bad wound. 

{ Calm - Smart - organized - over-protective - head-strong - resentful }

Roleplay example
Streamcurrent got out of the warrior's den seeking fresh air. She had just woken up from a nice, long nap. She looked up at the sky. She was hoping for another sunny day. But instead the sky was flooded with large, dark gray clouds. Darn, I was hoping for a warm and sunny day. Well let's just hope cats aren't as gloomy as this weather. she thought. She sat outside of the den. She felt one drop of rain on her head, then two, then it started to rain. Just when she was about to seek shelter a white and gray tom came up to her. She did not recgonize the cat. He was large then most cats she had met. "Hello." she replied, politely. Streamcurrent thought for a bit after he asked the question. She was going to refuse, but she didn't want him to be lonely. Plus a little hunting wouldn't hurt. "Sure. I'd be glad to hunt with you." she said, happily. "Oh, uh, I'm Streamcurrent by the way." she said. The tom looked like she was unfamiliar to him so she introduced herself so that it wouldn't be so awkward.

Characters + art ~BlUE-Cl0UD
Group *Kalpaca
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